Chocolate Fudge - Hutchinson's

Chocolate Fudge

4 oz.cups

We melt No. 23 Chocolate Liquor (53% cocoa – no, there is no alcohol in chocolate liquor) into our original 1904 recipe creating a rich, creamy, chocolate experience. This is our “plain” chocolate fudge but it is far from ordinary. This is a fudge that people who prefer dark chocolate and those who prefer milk chocolate will both love. It strikes a balance between intense chocolate satisfaction and a silky smooth, melt in your mouth chocolate fudge. There is a reason this is our number one fudge!

Our Chocolate Fudge is made with pure cane sugar, fresh dairy cream, milk, chocolate, butter, fondant, vanilla extract and salt. ALLERGY INFORMATION: This product is manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts and tree nuts.

Fudge Shipping Policy: Fudge is a perishable product that can be impacted by the weather, especially in the summer. We suggest that you choose Overnight shipping on any order that includes fudge.